• Ph.D. in Biophysics, UC Berkeley, 2013-2018
      • "Mechanics of Confined Microbial Populations"
        Supervisor: Oskar Hallatschek
    • M.Sc. in Theoretical Chemistry, University of Warsaw, 2007-2012
      • "Monte Carlo Simulations of Polymeric Systems"
        Supervisors: Andrzej Kolinski and Dominik Gront

    Skills & Experience
      Please check my LinkedIn profile for the most up to date information.

      Complete list of my papers can be found at my Google Scholar profile.

    • Collective forces in growing microbial populations - talk
      IPOLS 2017 (Paris, France)
    • Mathematical modeling of intermittent flow in confined microbial populations - poster
      Bio-X Mechanobiology Symposium 2014 (Palo Alto, CA, USA)
    • Coarse-grained modeling of mucus properties - poster
      Protein and RNA Structure Prediction Conference (ZiNG) 2011 (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
    • Multiscale molecular modeling of mucus: Preliminary studies - talk
      From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2010 (Traverse City, MI, USA)
    • Immunological Implications of a Structural Analysis of Two Different Porcine IL1β Proteins Expressed in Macrophages and Embryos - poster
      ICIW 2010 (Niagara Falls, NY, USA)
    • Application of Elastic Network Model for Protein Structure Refinement - poster
      Modeling of Protein Interactions 2010 (Lawrence, KS, USA)

    Workshops & Symposia
    • LBL/NERSC C++ Summit (Berkeley, CA): 10/2016
    • Advanced OpenMP Training (Berkeley, CA): 02/2016
    • Biology and Mathematics in the Bay Area (San Jose, CA): 10/2016
    • Berni Alder's 90th Birthday Symposium (Livermore, CA): 08/2015
    • Getting Up to Speed on OpenMP 4.0 (Oakland, CA): 08/2015