• You might have heard that the Polish language is incredibly hard to learn. Well ... that's true! However the price comes with great possibilities. In Polish you can easily express almost any concept and idea that a human mind can think of. Nonetheless it's surprising that there are some phrases in English that cannot be directly translated into Polish.

    Thus I launch "The Polish Language Challenge Project" that everyone can participate in. If you know Polish and want to contribute to the Polish language I encourage you to submit your translations.
    The best solutions are going to be awarded by being posted on this website. Good luck!


    Interestingly if you use Google Translate on "Nobody's perfect" - and then Google Translate it back to English - it will come back as "Nobody's not perfect". However it seems that translating "Nobody's not perfect" into Polish is not possible without changing the subject of the phrase. What a bummer!

    Best translation (10/10/16): "Żodyn jest doskonały" by Dominik Cysewski - Congratulations Domink! Good job!

    Comment (by PG): Interestingly if we translate it back to English than the closest translation that I can think of is: "Nobody's perfect" !? - welcome to the Polish language.


    Indeed (!) ... in Polish we don't have a word for this peculiarity. I think that the only reason why we don't have a translation for this one is because when Poles get passionate about something NOTHING can stop them. Regardless of the reason we should have a translation even for such a "useless" word. So think hard and let me know about your findings!

    Best translation (12/06/16): "chujgłuszyć" by Marcin Opacki - Congrats! Comments (in Polish) by MO.


    Just found this funny translation on my friend's Facebook page.

    Best translation(11/11/17): "jadłowóz" by Krzysztof Kosiński.